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"We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one." - John 5:19

"In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not..." Corinthians 4:4

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Mission Statement

Whoever finds themself reading this statement, consider it a nudge from the one and only living true God of this world who is trying to give you a peak around the veil of deception which covers our reality. I am a network, virtualization, cloud engineer and architect in the information technology space.  I am an incredible skeptic who has found nothing but control paradigms that surround our every fabric of existence on this earth.

I present you with this project, this culmination of research and posit to you this, if you question authority figures, if you question the narratives that our education system have programmed you with, if you wake up from the control paradigm that covers all facets of our lives, you will find corruption paramount on all fronts. This corruption runs rampant through wealth acquisition, information propagation (Control of knowledge, education, and technology.), government, politics & currency manipulation, big industry (Food, Agriculture, Healthcare, Energy, Raw materials), and lastly religion, specifically the deception of the one and true God of creation.

If you immerse yourself into the sources and materials I provide on this website I promise that you will open your mind to real truth that is hidden from populaces around the world. You will learn who is controlling the agendas around the world, what organizations they are a member of, and who their leader is. I tell you now, I found faith through understanding the true facts of this world that are hidden amazingly by the father of deception, the god given control of this world. There is a small network of elites that consider themselves gods and care only for world domination and their head is none other than the Satan of the Bible.

About Me

Hi, I'm Steven! I'm humbled you stumbled upon my little site, perhaps we are on the same path of finding purpose, meaningful, and most importantly truth to be a foundation for these values.

I'm absolutely thrilled to be establishing this website! I have spent many MANY years gradually refining my existence from passively drifting through life distraction after distraction to becoming completely absorbed by why we exist. My entire life seemed to be one failure after another, but I'm happy to announce every step in my path had a purpose. I'm so grateful and thankful for every challenge that led me to this road of an insatiable thirst for knowledge, meaning, and purpose. If you are interested to know more about me, it only seems fair that I write a short story about my life and what gives me the perspectives that has shaped my interests that this site will dive into! Please Click "Read More" Below if you want to know more about me! :)


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